Welcome to Buffalo Sewer Authority's Combined Sewer Overflow Discharge Notification Map

Buffalo Sewer has developed this website to serve as a notification system to alert the public of the occurrence of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events. During wet weather, stormwater enters the sewer system, combining with wastewater, often leading to permitted CSO discharges. These discharges are the result of the historical design of the system to prevent basement flooding. Buffalo Sewer is working to eliminate the effects of CSO’s on our Great Lakes waterways. As our efforts to address CSO’s continue, we want to make sure to notify the users of our waterways about the pollution concerns. As many other conditions affect the water quality of our waterways, we urge users to use care during recreation.

Please be advised that the information displayed in this website based on a computer model and may not represent real-time activity. Buffalo Sewer continues to update the model to better reflect actual conditions.